Multiple Revenue Streams

To build an excellent career to be a Solopreneur consultant requires courage, resilience, having marketable skills and relationships with others who are willing and able to mention or endorse you for paid project assignments. Solopreneur consultants will need to have a talent for selling, the discipline to produce and pursue business goals, a knack for big picture thinking and implementing strategies plus an understanding of human instinct and motivation. The chance to attract all the best and dodge bad luck helps, too.

Precious few Solopreneurs have the ability to just “go to your office” everyday and explore the usual work. In order to generate the preferred quantity of business revenue, we recognize that creating multiple revenue streams could possibly be necessary and also to make that possible, we have to recognize the marketability of our own skill sets, in aggregate plus segments. As well, we have to learn to package, promote and selling our skills and value to potential customers.

Consider my revenue streams, for instance. When asked, during my short form elevator pitch I say that I’m a self-employed external consultant who provides business strategy and marketing answers to mid-size for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. What meaning in reality is the fact that I’ve facilitated strategic planning meetings at not-for-profit organizations; edited 100 page nonfiction book as well as served becasue it is photo editor and project manager; developed curriculum for the series of 90 minute sales skills training workshops; and periodically I teach strategic business plan writing.

I’ve been sufficiently fortunate to get regularly win business strategy development or marketing plan assignments, though the fact is always that there are often gaps as well as in response, I’ve learned to branch out and gives segments of my experience to clients or employers as being a way to maintain my required cash-flow and, anytime you can, also enhance my brand. In my experience, oahu is the ability to leverage one’s perhaps infrequently promoted competencies that will help Solopreneurs to produce and sustain a profitable business enterprise.

My friend Adela is really a busy educational consultant who in concert with college bound senior high school juniors as well as their parents to distinguish suitable colleges for that student and navigate the applying process. Adela’s business looks like it’s thriving, yet she nevertheless teaches Spanish with a local university (she was created and raised in Mexico and came towards the U.S. to visit Notre Dame University).

Jackie, someone of many years, would be the founder and manager of any small, full-service health club that became very successful in this highly competitive market, yet she teaches a workout class at another gym several miles away. Why? Because she gets to watch another style of work out center management internally, she receives learning new fitness techniques she can evaluate for inclusion in their gym and she or he earns several extra dollars a week, an issue that a mother of four years old can always use. Sometimes you may get paid to check out the competition!

My friend Carole toggles between freelance marketing gigs at technology companies and corporate positions as sector. She’s a Lotus alumna who’s also worked for tech giant EMC, distinctions that command respect and open doors within the tech industry. In between corporate gigs, Carole fades on her own to formulate marketing tips for tech start-ups. A couple of years ago, she was offered a posture as director of promoting at among those start-ups, when the inevitable reorganization occurs, she’ll re-enter Solopreneur life.

So, Solopreneur friend, I invite one to put on your thinking cap and brainstorm ways to create additional revenue streams by exploring how certain segments of your skills can be packaged and promoted to current and prospective customers!

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