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Questions and Answers

Q: Why don't you have a bookmarklet?

A: We have one. Though it is much more efficient to use Google Reader and their bookmarklet. In this case your subscription is persisted, and available in NEWSTOEBOOK as well.

Q: Why do I see question marks ?????? ?? ? ?? in my ebook instead of normal text?

A: Some readers do not have fonts to display non-English characters.
Try adding a font to your book by selecting it in Book Options dialog.

Q: Why some articles are not expanded with "Get full text" feature?

A: NEWSTOEBOOK tries to identify text on the page using an algorithm similar to Reader Mode in Safari browser.
When a text block is relatively small, or text is scattered across several blocks, the algorithm fails and abstract from the feed is included as a fallback.

Q: Why some images are missing in the ebook?

A: NEWSTOEBOOK does its best to download all images and include them into ebook. Though, to create a smooth and nice ebook, it has to make certain exceptions.
For example: small images are skipped, these usually being pixel-sized images used for tracking, or "share-on-XYZ" links.
Another example, usually applicable to relatively large (>100Kb) images: if NEWSTOEBOOK fails to download an image in 30 seconds, it skips the file to be able to create an ebook in reasonable time.

Q: Can I read NEWSTOEBOOK books on my Apple iPad or iPhone?

A: Apple iBooks supports EPUB as input format.
Or you can get Stanza, a popular free software ebook reader available for both iPad and iPhone.

Q: Why do you allow only 50 articles to be included in ebook?

A: To save processing resources, bandwidth and download time, we must keep book size modest, normally about 1Mb. Maybe in the future the limit will be changed or removed completely, but this needs some new templates to be introduced, like text-only ebook.

Q: Why the RSS feed included only 5 (10, 20, ...) items? I believe it should be longer!

A: Many feeds provide only few recent posts to save bandwidth and improve performance. News aggregators regularly query the feed and accumulate received posts, thus making it possible to display more posts to the user. So if you want more posts from a particular feed, get Google Reader and use our convertor.

Feel free to ask any questions and suggest new features on the feedback page.

Thanks for using NEWSTOBOOK and happy e-reading!

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